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Yukoners dig it!

"It promotes healthy eating and choices beginning at a young age."

"Healthy eating and local food are important to us. We care about our community and are pleased to donate to those in need."

"Students need to understand where food comes from; why eating locally grown food is good for our globe and to learn to eat veggies! Love it!"

"I feel that this gives our school community healthy food options. This is a great way to promote farm-fresh food!"

"Healthy! Home grown! Fresh food! Awesome."

"Bravo From the Ground Up! As a parent, teacher and individual who tries to "think globally, act locally" when I can, this fundraiser was a 10/10. My kids eat it, my students liked it. I loved it."

"Great opportunity for all involved. So healthy, so yummy, so local!"

"I never liked selling tickets etc. And this way [of fundraising] is an excellent meshing of several community factors. It is a win-win-win thing!!"

"Because it is something everyone buys anyway. You don't have to feel pressured to buy something you don't really want. "

"A real learning experience for kids and adults; a healthy alternative to chocolates."

"I have already been asked by people at work to let them know when it comes back."

"Great way to provide education awareness as I was not aware of the scope of the farm and produce grown in the Yukon."

"It was especially nice to see the young children out working hard for the pledges for the boxes of vegetables. I hope that when the playground equipment [that was purchased with money raised] comes to the school that they get many years of enjoyment from something they helped get. Thank you ever so much. "

"The partnerships between farmer, school, students/children, parents and community is really exciting. Thanks to all involved at every level!"

"Absolutely lovely- superior quality!"

" I  this fundraiser. What a great way to promote healthy eating + support the school + farmers!" "

"Wonderful way to support Yukon agriculture and bring healthy food into Yukon homes!"

"very well received. A number of parents have expressed they prefer selling veggies to chocolates."

"This is a community event and helping those who need help is an important part of being community. A good example for the students and great connections with services such as the Food Bank"

"I have noticed in my own class as well as other classes that healthier snacks (usually carrots)   during this time were eaten. The grade 7 teacher as part of our school service learning decided to have the grade 7 class make soup using the vegetables for the soup kitchen. Part of this lesson includes a small lesson on the fact that not everyone in Whitehorse has enough to eat as well as what makes a healthy meal. In the grade 3 class, we decided to use the carrots to make muffins, and then we wrote out the steps (ties perfectly into our writing unit)."