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In addition to being a great fundraiser for your school, FTGU also provides numerous teaching opportunities. While students are selling and talking about fresh, local veggies to family and friends, why not also educate them about:

  • healthy food choices;
  • Canada's Food Guide;
  • eating more veggies;
  • local food production, and more!

From The Ground Up has come up with some great classroom resources that introduce wonderful ideas that incorporate the fundraiser with learning activities.

The NEW FTGU in the Classroom Resource includes Lesson Plans for Kindergarten to grade 6 that are fun, interactive, easy to adapt and are focused on the importance of healthy food choices and especially on eating more vegetables. Each lesson is linked to a Healthy Living PLO for each grade.

Check out the NUTRITION BITES for healthy eating messages and the VEGGIE JOKES that you can put in your school newsletter or use for announcements during your FTGU campaign.

And if you are looking for other healthy fundraising ideas check out the OTHER IDEAS FOR HEALTHY CHOICE FUNDRAISER.