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How this fundraiser works

5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Sign up

In May, all Yukon schools and licensed daycares receive an invite to sign up for FTGU. A list of Participating Schools and Daycares will be available later this summer. If you are a teacher and your school isn’t participating; check out the FOR TEACHERS for other healthy fundraising ideas.

Step 2: Choose a FTGU coordinator

Each participating school and daycare decides on a FTGU coordinator to lead the fundraiser and attend two meetings:  one in June to begin preparing for their fundraiser, and one at the end of August to receive everything they need to run a successful program.

Step 3: Begin fundraising!

Watch for students selling at your door!

Step 4: Submit order forms

The FTGU coordinator tallies up all of the orders and submits the order via email to the FTGU Program Coordinator or by fax to 867- 456-6502.

Step 5: Delivery day!