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Q. Why is a healthy choice fundraiser important?

A. To demonstrate a commitment to promoting healthy behaviours in school, daycare and at home. Healthy fundraisers send positive health messages and reinforce nutrition lessons taught in the classroom. 

Q. What is From The Ground Up Yukon Healthy Choice Fundraiser?

A. Students from Whitehorse schools, rural schools and daycares will be selling boxes of Yukon grown vegetables. Each box contains 20 lbs of potatoes, carrots, beets, and cabbage. The fundraising starts on September 4th

Q. Is there a deadline to order a vegetable box?

A. Yes, the last date for placing an order is Tuesday, October 1st. All orders must be given to the FTGU coordinator. This will ensure enough time for the farmer to prepare and box all the orders before delivery.

Q. What if I don’t know a student/child from the participating schools/daycares but I want to support their fundraising efforts?

A. Check out the list of participating schools and daycares coming later this summer. When the contact information is available, simply call the FTGU coordinator at the school or daycare you want to support, and organize payment and pick-up through them.

Q. How will I get my vegetables?

A. All orders will be delivered to participating schools/daycares by the farmers. This delivery date is scheduled in advance, and you should find out the date from the person selling you the box. If you are unsure of your pick-up date and time, please contact the From the Ground Up Program Coordinator at 667-8394.

All vegetable boxes must be picked up. *To ensure top quality, vegetables should be picked up on the day of delivery from the farmer*

Q. How much profit do schools/daycares receive for every box of vegetables sold?

A. Schools & daycares receive 40% of profits for every box of vegetables sold. The other 60% goes to the local farmers so they can continue to provide fresh local veggies to their community.

Q. Does participating in a healthy fundraiser take a lot of time out of teachers’ or childcare providers’ busy schedules?

A. No. The Health Promotion Unit does all of the coordination for you! The time it takes to organize this fundraising campaign is a collaborative effort among staff, students and parents. This healthy fundraiser can replace other fundraisers such as bake sales, cookie sales, or chocolate sales.

Q. Why isn’t my school participating in this fundraiser?

A. All Yukon schools were given the opportunity to participate and needed to confirm their involvement by the end of June 2018.  You may want to check with your school principal to see why they were not able to join in this fundraising initiative. The good news is that there are lots of other healthy choice fundraiser ideas (see here ) that you can do in your school.

Q. Why isn’t my daycare participating in this fundraiser?

A. This year, in addition to schools, we are offering the program to daycares again after last year's successful pilot. We have eight signed up to participate.

Q. Where do the vegetables come from?

A. All of the vegetables come from two farms. Whitehorse Schools and some of the rural schools receive their veggies from Yukon Grain Farm, a farm located about 25 minutes north of Whitehorse just off the North Klondike Highway. It is owned and operated by Steve and Bonnie MacKenzie-Grieve. If you live in Whitehorse, you’ve probably seen their potatoes, carrots, beets, and cabbages in the grocery stores. Dawson receives its veggies from Vogt Enterprises, a farm located at Henderson's Corner along the Klondike River. It is owned and operated by Lucy and Jack Vogt. If you live in Dawson, you’ve probably seen them at the Dawson City Farmer’s Market, selling a wide variety of veggies from potatoes and carrots, to cauliflowers, peas and tomatoes, just to name a few.

Q. I want to support From The Ground Up Healthy Choice Fundraiser, but I’m not sure I could eat all those veggies. Is there somewhere I could donate the food?

A. Yes! You have the option to donate a box of vegetables. The school/daycare will be responsible for ensuring your donation gets into the hands of one of our many local community organizations who serve our most vulnerable populations.

If you don’t think you can eat 20lbs of veggies, consider purchasing a box with a friend or family member and split the veggies 10lbs each.

Q. I’m not very creative in the kitchen - what can I do with all my veggies?

A. Check out the From the Ground Up recipe book under the RECIPES tab. You will find lots of delicious recipes for potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and beets. Storing your veggies correctly can make them last. Check out the BEETS, CABBAGE, CARROTS, and POTATOES tabs for storage tips.

Q. How does payment work?

A. We want to avoid children carrying around large amounts of cash, so payment for your vegetable boxes should be made by cheque. The cheque should be written to the school/daycare that you are supporting.