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5 Ways to eat

5 ways to eat BEETS

  1. Raw – Blend raw beets into a smoothie;
  2. Roasted – A classic way to enjoy tender and juicy beets;
  3. In a salad – A good pairing with other salad staples;
  4. Pickled – Tangy vinegar and sweetness complement beets’ earthy undertones
  5. As a dessert – Beet cakes and brownies are soft and moist.

5 ways to eat CABBAGE

  1. In salads & slaws – Packed with nutrients, raw cabbage leaves are a delicious alternative to lettuce;
  2. Add to soups – easy and healthy addition to any soup
  3. Make cabbage rolls – Cook cabbage leaves and wrap around your favorite fillings;
  4. Sautéed – Sauté cabbage briefly in olive oil and add to wraps with some other veggies
  5. Add to stir-fries – easy and healthy addition to any stir-fry.

5 ways to eat CARROTS

  1. Braised – Carrots simmered in chicken or vegetable broth are tender and full of flavour;
  2. Roasted – Roasting carrots intensifies their flavour;
  3. Steamed – Super simple and preserves flavour and nutrients;
  4. Sautéed – Delicious in stir-fries and a great complement to other vegetables;
  5. Flafoured – Make it sweet, sour, spicy, savoury… endless possibilities.

5 ways to eat POTATOES

  1. Mashed – At the holiday table or on a crisp fall day, there’s nothing better than a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes;
  2. Roasted – Crispy and golden potato chunks are a perfect side dish;
  3. Stewed – Potato cubes absorb the rich flavours of your favorite stew recipe;
  4. As a salad – Potato salad is not just for summer barbeques. Experiment with various flavours and recipes;
  5. Shredded – Potato pancakes can be great for breakfast or as appetizers.